Jerry Girley grew up in Los Angeles, California.  He came to Florida in 1979 while serving in the United States Navy. After serving in the Navy he worked as a civilian employee for the Orlando Police Department for eight years. While working at the police department he also started studying to become a licensed minister of the Gospel. In 1987 he was licensed to preach the Gospel and from that time until the present, faith has played a central role in everything that he does.

Indeed faith influenced his decision to become an Attorney. In his view, the practice of the law is just another method, although a very powerful one, to extend his service to the community.  After becoming a minister and prior to becoming an Attorney, he devoted a large percentage of his time and energy to advocating for civil rights related issues. He has served on many community boards that championed the causes of the disaffected and historically marginalized of society. He was the Chairman of the Florida Committee to Preserve Civil Rights for seven years.  He served as a board member for the Center for Urban Leadership and Community Development. He served as a board member for the National Conference for community and Justice. He served as a founding Co-Chairman of the West Orange Racial Reconciliation Task Force.

He is presently a board member of Paul C.Perkins Bar Association. Presently, he serves as the General Counsel and as an Ordained Minister for Freedom Ministries Church in Apopka, Florida.

Jerry Girley has earned four different academic degrees. He has an Associate of Arts Degree from Valencia Community College, a Bachelor of Arts from Warner Southern College, a Master of Public Administration Degree from Troy University and a Doctor of Jurisprudence from Barry University.

Attorney Jerry Girley